Who Is This Chick?

Just giving you a piece of my mind.

Who says you can’t have it all? Well, I’m gonna die trying anyway.  Join me on my journey to freedom and happiness in life.

Here are 10 things I’d like you to know about me:

1. I make a mean cupcake.

2. I am loyal to a fault…not just saying that.

3. I’ve never stopped missing my brother.

4. In another life I’d be a professional photographer.

5. I am 20 pounds over my ideal weight.

6. After 15 years together, I still like having sex with my husband (TMI?)

7. I’m the annoying Facebook user that plasters pics of my babies every chance I get (it’s not my fault my husband and I’s genes produce such cute kids!)

8. I sometimes rub people the wrong way…alot.

9. I want 100,000 subscribers by this time next year…just to see if I could do it.

10. I wish I could freeze myself at 40 years old and wake up in the year 2100 to see if we ever get flying cars.


2 thoughts on “Who Is This Chick?

  1. Very funny stuff.
    I love the way you think, and write!
    RE: #10, I sure hope we never legalize flying cars. Our roads are crazy enough. Why make a mess of our skies? LOL
    RE: # 9, Keep Zig’s positive attitude (RIP, Zig) and I’m sure you’ll reach your 100k subscribers someday soon =)

    (Do you have your own domain too? I mean besides using this WordPress platform? If not I fear you’ll never be able to fully capitalize your work. If you host your blog on someone else’s platform like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, etc. Next year, when you get your 100k subscribers you’ll want to have complete control of your work and income, which is not possible on someone else’s platform. Creating a blog on your own domain is your best long term bet. If you do, what is it, please? )

    • Thanks for looking out! Yes, I do have the domain and you are absolutely right. I was planning on crossing over as soon as I had the time to set it up. In essence, I decided to start it here just to get it out of my bones. When I don’t make moves on my ideas, they tend to sit around collecting cobwebs and I end up with regrets.

      Now that I’ve started it, I’m committed and have to follow through. I’ll be migrating In about a month or so. Have a zillion balls I’m juggling and prioritizing it all.

      You sound like you know what you’re talking about and I’m definitely motivated to really work this. Thanks for stopping by!

      *By the way, you’re right on the flying Cars. I’ll settle to see if we’re fighting over giving robots the same rights as humans.

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